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Profile: Desean P

Desean  P

My Background:

I’ve been to 5 different high schools in 3 different states; my high school experience has been far from normal, or simple. Before coming to HSRA, I was a high school dropout. I was 16-years-old, homeless, running the streets all the way from the suburbs to way up north in Mille Lacs just trying to figure out where I was going to lay my head that night. I dropped out of high school because at traditional high schools, I wasn’t learning anything. Every high school was at a different spot with their curriculum. I was either repeating things I had already done or I just didn't understand because they were so far ahead, and I was not interested. Here at HSRA, I learn something new every day; I work on my own pace and I’m interested in what I’m learning.

HSRA Impact:
HSRA has not only given me a great education, but a family and a future. When I came here, I had no plans for college. I was just in high school to get it done, and after being here for just a couple of months, my whole life had changed. I loved coming to school. I would come early and stay late working on projects and my music, being a part of different groups and campaigns the school offered. My high school became like my home. I got involved with the 26 Seconds (BMOR) Campaign sponsored by State Farm, and I feel like I’m actually making a difference in the world. It’s a great school with plenty of positive activities to get involved with, such as the radio show. It’s given me a lot of things to put on my college resumé and I have a solid plan for the next 5 years and the rest of my life.


Learning at HSRA:
I love High School for Recording Arts (Studio 4) because I get to learn at my own pace, I get to learn things I am interested in, I get credits for most of the things I do, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn credits. I was in my junior year when I started coming to HSRA and one of the first things I did was assist two graduates by helping them engineer the audio for a mixtape they were creating on the Civil Rights Movement. I received credits for helping them do it, and I got credits for teaching myself how to audio engineer. I feel like I’m going to use what I learn here for the rest of my life because I love what I’m learning. The teachers are also amazing people. I feel like I’m not just helping them earn their living, but at all of the others schools I felt like I was working for the teachers; here at HSRA I work with them.