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Profile: Alia Lene

Alia  Lene

Alia Lene' is as singer/musician/producer from Minneapolis, MN.

I've dreamt of being an international artist since the age of 5, so naturally I strayed from the passion for school. I've been to multiple schools, and each year I gave up on education more and more; mostly because I have struggled to find a school where I was more than just a number. That is until I was introduced to the HIgh School For Recording Arts. 
I began attending HSRA at the beginning of 11th grade in early 2012. HSRA saved me from dropping out. I have a passion for music, the stage, and the music business. HSRA allows me to live out my dream while receiving an education. This school has allowed for many incredible opportunities; not only for myself, but to every single person who has walked through the door. 
During my first year at HSRA, I traveled the country three times. We went to California, South Dakota, and Washington D.C. It was an AMAZING experience. Each trip taught me so much and I must thank HSRA for granting me those experiences. We are a family at the High School For Recording Arts. Everyone is inviting, driven, and passionate about education and music. This is my home. I have established myself as a young, hard working student and musician. While becoming a teen icon, I am making a successful career for myself- becoming a businesswoman, actress, artist, and philanthropist. HSRA has dragged me out of the "giving up" mind state. I must say that without the support of the staff, the focus of the students, and the family-like environment... I do not think I would be at this peak right now. I would like to thank HSRA for everything they have done for me,  I am now prepared for life after high school!