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Profile: Nick Phillips

Nick  Phillips

HSRA alumnus Nick Phillips (professionally known as Beatnick) is a music producer, instructor, and engineer with extensive experience producing entire works, including composing original music for major record labels.  He has instructed students in music production, business, and instrumentation, and has produced music for internationally acclaimed artists such as Lauryn Hill, Keane, Trey Songz, Mos Def, and Emicida (São Paulo, Brazil).

While Nick was a student at High School for Recording Arts, he took full advantage of the opportunities it provided in learning audio engineering and his overall academics. After graduating, he received his engineering certification from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (Mesa, AZ) and eventually earned his spot at Electric Lady Studios (New York City). In 2010, while teaching at New York’s Harlem Children’s Zone, he led students through a full course based on designing and constructing a walk-in recording booth, then guiding students through the production of a full length album themed around the Harlem Renaissance. Upon collaborating with Brazilian musicians in São Paulo, he led music production workshops for The Creators Project (Vice Media, 2011). Soon after returning to NYC, he began working directly with Lauryn Hill on sound design for live performances, and eventually playing guitar on her US tour in 2012. While still in New York, Nick and his music collaborator, K-Salaam, were featured in a City Pages article about how much of an impact the two Minnesotans were making in the Big Apple's hip hop/reggae scene.

After his time in New York, he returned to the Twin Cities where he has come full circle by returning to HSRA as a staff member, teaching the Digital Music Program at the Walker West Music Academy, and continuing to produce for major recording artists. 

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