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School Facts & Curriculum

Below are facts related to attending High School for Recording Arts and our students.

School Facts

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, the High School for Recording Arts (HSRA) is a public charter school for students in grades 9-12. HSRA changes lives and society one student at a time by connecting with at-risk teens - many of whom dropped out or were expelled from traditional schools - through hip hop music and other forms of creative expression. The school operates within and around two professional recording studios, where students develop life skills through relevant, hands-on learning tailored to their individual talents, strengths and passions. Enrollment at HSRA, which began with 15 learners, has stabilized at 200 students, which is the target enrollment.

Graduation Requirements and Rates

To earn a high school diploma, an HSRA student must master Minnesota’s content standards, complete all coursework required for graduation, accomplish the 12 HSRA validations of learning and pass the state’s standardized assessments.

HSRA Student Profile

Of the students who have enrolled at HSRA, about 400 or 72.5% have graduated. Over the last 4 years, 100% of our graduates have been accepted into college.

Male: 59%
Female: 41%

Average age at enrollment is 17 years

92% of students live at or below the poverty level.
92% of students qualify for free or reduced fee lunches.
30% of students are currently or have recently been homeless.

Black: 86%
Caucasian: 6%
Hispanic: 4%
American Indian: 4%
Asian: 0.3%

Minneapolis: 29%
St. Paul: 52%
Other Minnesota Cities: 19%

HSRA Board

A board of directors guide HSRA. The board consists of staff, parents and community members who are elected by staff and parents. Members serve three years. The current board chair is Dr. Wayne Jennings. Learn more about HSRA's Board of Directors.

HSRA Internal Relationships

Another Level Records is a student operated record and production company that allows learners to explore the operations of the music industry firsthand as they discover and record new artists, provide media content for various clients, negotiate contracts and publish and copyright new music. They also manufacture, market and distribute recording projects completed by HSRA students and other artists.

Studio 4 All Access is a weekly half-hour show produced, hosted and performed musically by students of the High School for Recording Arts and students worldwide. Past guests have included Ice Cube, Mos Def, Michael Eric Dyson and Lynn Whitfield. Podcasts of prior shows can currently be downloaded via iTunes or from the Studio 4 All Access website.

Academic Partner Organizations

  • EdVisions Schools model
  • Coalition of Essential Schools best practices
  • North Central Accreditation Association accreditation
  • Education/Evolving public policy
  • Black Alliance for Educational Options replication
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant recipient
  • Center for School Change public policy

Charter Authorizer

Pillsbury United Communities (PUC).

Charter ID

Independent Charter School District 4039-07

School Curriculum

HSRA is a project-based school.