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Our students demonstrate their competencies every day when they present their work. Check out what they are doing.

"HSRA has not only given me a great education, but a family and a future."

"Where We're Going" Documentary
This film documented HSRA students' trip to Canada to embark on a multi day trip from Montreal to Quebec City and experience different cultures and their own limitations. "Keepin' It Wheel" is a student driven project from the students at High School for Recording Arts.

Sample HSRA Music Work
Molly Jo's hit 26 Seconds Song "Wishing On Stars"

Junior Achievement
LYME is a student- run marketing agency that was launched from the Junior Achievement Company Program. LYME offers customized radio advertising and jingles to local businesses, and broadcasts the commercials during the HSRA weekly radio show, Studio 4 All Access Top 4 Countdown.
Alia  Lene

Alia Lene

I've dreamt of being an international artist since the age of 5, so naturally I strayed from the passion for school. I've been to multiple schools, and each year I gave up on education more and more; mostly because I have struggled to find a school where I was more than just a number. That is until I was introduced to the HIgh School For Recording Arts.
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Nick  Phillips

Nick Phillips

HSRA alumnus Nick Phillips (professionally known as Beatnick) is a music producer, instructor, and engineer with extensive experience producing entire works, including composing original music for major record labels. He has instructed students in music production, business, and instrumentation, and has produced music for internationally acclaimed artists such as Lauryn Hill, Keane, Trey Songz, Mos Def, and Emicida (São Paulo, Brazil).
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