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HSRA Celebrates New Community Grant and the Five Year Anniversary of Partnership with State Farm

Posted December 31, 2011

The program will offer classes at HSRA on bicycle engineering, mechanics and maintenance as an enhancement to HSRA’s existing environmental awareness teaching. Students also will create music and videos to promote cycling among their peers. The program will culminate in a bike-a- thon where teens can learn about cycling as an alternative to driving. As with previous educational initiatives created by HSRA through its partnership with State Farm, this program will weave messages about the importance of staying in school throughout its materials. This project is the latest in a series of successful collaborations between HRSA and State Farm. Previous collaborations brought the talents of HSRA students to Minnesota’s successful efforts to adopt a primary seat belt law and to raising awareness among young people about the importance of seatbelts and the danger of distracted driving. Most recently HSRA has joined the national 26 Seconds campaign, supported by State Farm, which encourages students to make graduation a priority. As for the primary seat belt initiative that HSRA students are credited with playing a significant role in helping pass, according to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, the bill’s passage has resulted in 68 fewer deaths and 320 fewer severe injuries from 2009-2011. Additionally, the rate of seat belt usage has grown six percent since 2009. These statistics represent the finest examples of true service learning and real world outcomes that have come about as a result of our successful public/ private collaboration. The day’s celebration featured a check presentation, music and dance, words from our administrators, teachers, State Farm executives and employees and past and present HSRA students and staff.