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Vikings starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater visits HSRA

Posted December 15, 2015

Star athlete motivates and inspires excited students

Students, staff, police officers and passersby alike stood mezmorized as Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, visited HSRA on Thursday, January 14.  The Vikings superstar stopped by the school to encourage HSRA students to remain--and excel--in high school. 

HSRA employee Riana Aulet, instrumental in successfully getting Bridgewater to visit the school, said, "He told his amazing story to our students at HSRA, embraced our kids, uplifted them and told them he could be speaking to the next top recording artist.  He answered their questions, hugged them, took several pics and didn't rush them.  He was such a blessing to the students.  He was so impressed with the school, our story/vision with our homeless teens!  Ya'll know me.  I don't even watch football, but I'm a fan.  He is so humble, has faith, and knows he is blessed.  I know a heart of gold when I encounter one!"

Tony Simmons, HSRA executive director, spoke for everyone at HSRA, especially the students, when he said, "We had fun hanging today with Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater at HSRA!  What a poised and humble young man.  Not only a great athlete, but also committed to the betterment of his community.  We're looking forward to continuing to work with him to help positively develop and shape the lives of our students."