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HSRA students team up with MacPhail Center for Music performers to provide stellar concert

Posted December 15, 2015

Minnesota State Arts Board-sponsored project lauches new CD

On Saturday, December 12, HSRA students joined MacPhail Center for Music performers to provide a stellar concert, bringing down the house.  The concert was held in MacPhail Center for Music auditorium.  The performance was held to premiere the upcoming CD to be released in January, The Four Seasons.  

For the past year, HSRA students, along with MacPhail student performers, have worked under the tutelage of local celebrity, music extraordinaire, J.D. Steele, learning to play different instruments, studying a variety of music genres, and recording in HSRA's state-of-the-art music studios.  The year-long project was sponsored in full by an Arts Learning grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. 

When asked about the project, Tony Simmons, HSRA executive director, said, "This has been an amazing year for our students who have had the opportunity to work with J.D. Steele and the incredible musicians at MacPhail.  We are so grateful to the Minnesota State Arts Board for making this opportunity possible for HSRA and MacPhail students.  J.D. Steele, and our HSRA studio director, Phil Winden, have done a phenomenal job working with students who come from all different backgrounds in life.  It just goes to show you, music is the universal language of life, and when students get a chance to display their creativity and ingenuity, they always shine!" 

The students, staff, and extended HSRA family thank the Minnesota State Arts Board for its strong, wavering support, along with J.D. Steele and the terrific professional team at MacPhail Center for Music.