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Crutchfield Family bestows HSRA students with Mable and Solon Ellis Scholarships

Posted August 16, 2015

Scholarships presented at HSRA First Annual Spring Gala Event

On this night, audience members felt especially proud as Dr. Charles E. Crutchfield III, M.D., and three generations of Crutchfield family members awarded monetary achievement scholarships to two HSRA students, Carlisha, age 16 and Marcelles, age 20.  The Crutchfield’s named the scholarships, the Mable and Solon Ellis Outstanding Achievement Awards, in honor of HSRA founder David “T.C.” Ellis’s parents. 

Both students were honored with scholarships for outstanding overall improvement in academics, citizenship, and community engagement.  Unlike traditional college scholarships, the Crutchfield family allowed the students to use the scholarship money for whatever the students thought was best to advance the goals of their lives. 

Scholarship awardee Marcelles stated, “It opened my mind up for college.  I wasn’t thinking as much about college before I got it.  I felt honored to be the first scholarship winner in the name of TC’s mon and dad.”    

When asked what it meant to have Dr. Crutchfield bestow scholarships upon HSRA students, David “T.C.” Ellis, HSRA founder and longtime friend of Dr. Crutchfield said, “After 40-plus years of friendship, it was an emotional and fulfilling experience to have a childhood friend play such an integral role in supporting the growth and development of our students.” 

Marcelles graduated from HSRA in June.  Carlisha is a senior this year at the school.