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HSRA Fundraiser to aid Sister Schools in Kenya to be held tonight

Posted December 15, 2015

Tony Simmons, HSRA Executive Director, to hold premier event

You are coordially invited to attend Can Ya . . . for Kenya, an international-themed cocktail party and dinner, designed to raise money, awareness, and supplies for our HSRA sister schools in the village of Odienya, Kenya.  This event, located in the community room at the town home complex where HSRA executive director, Tony Simmons, resides, will be held Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 5:30p.m., at 530 Mill St NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421. 

In July of 2015, Tony Simmons and HSRA teacher and athletic coordinator, Maureen Foss, traveled with eight (8) HSRA students to Odienya, Kenya where they helped villagers build a maternity clinic. 

During the event,             Can Ya . . . for Kenya, Tony and HSRA students will guide guests through a video and pictorial odyssey of their time spent in Kenya.    

The event will feature Kenya-themed cuisine, a special "fun" punch, beer, wine, and soft beverages.  Guests are asked to donate money, school supplies, feminine hygiene products, or soccer balls.  All proceeds will be sent directly to Kenya to benefit our international HSRA sister schools. 

So, Can ya show up?  Can ya help out?  And, can ya share this meaningful, fun experience with us?  It is our hope your answer to our question of Can ya . . . for Kenya is a resounding, "Yes!"  Hope to see you there!  For more information, contact Todd M. Barnes, at (651) 398-8827.