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Urban Truth Fashion Agency

Posted February 25, 2013

The New Junior Achievement Company


The Urban Truth Fashion Agency (UTFA) is a Junior Achievement Company at the High School for Recording Arts that strives to help aspiring fashion designers, entrepreneurs and models become relevant in the fashion industry. UTFA hopes to create a diverse fashion community that represents the truth in Minnesota fashion. The models will be real and representative of the truth in body image!  

UTFA’s vision is to be the premier fashion scout- finding the best up-and-coming fashion designers and models- and giving them the tools to make their mark on the national fashion map. The agency follows two slogans: “Where the truth in fashion is the truth in you” and “There is no truth in fashion without U.”

The agency started out of the Junior Achievement Company Program. This year, all of the students at HSRA who signed up were quite passionate about fashion, whether it was modeling, clothing design or styling. UTFA has a core group of 8 students.

"I love that all of the students are so passionate about fashion and that this experience will directly apply to what many of them dream to do in the future,” said Sayra Loftus, High School for Recording Arts teacher and UTFA coordinator.

Along with the mission and vision written above, the grand finale of this year's company is the fashion show on March 9: Urban Truth Fashion Takeover. They have partnered with Rock the Cause, a non-profit organization, to assist the company with the event. UTFA and Rock the Cause will be focusing on the issue of homeless youth in the Twin Cities. 

The company has had to complete many layered tasks while putting the show together. First, they recruited aspiring models and provided them with a modeling course from professional model Sherita Moss (alumni of HSRA and America's Next Top Model contestant). Members of UTFA scouted local designers at craft fairs, boutiques, etc. to showcase their work in the fashion show. Finally, they are putting it all together in a fashion show which will feature a classic runway show, booths with artist's items for sale, a silent auction, and live music.

In April, the team will be competing against other regional high school JA companies to win the regional Company of the Year title.  If they win, they gain entrance into the National JA Company of the Year Competition that will take place in Washington, DC in June 2013.  The competition will include a presentation, a video commercial, interviews and a trade fair booth.  Two years ago, HSRA's team LYME (Leave Your Mark Everywhere) won 1st Place at the competition for their innovative and successful radio advertising company.  In 2011, the competition included USA and Canada.  Students from the winning team all were awarded $1,000 scholarships to put towards college!

For more information on the Urban Truth Fashion Agency, Like their Facebook page at or contact them at You can also follow them on Twitter at