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HSRA Now Hiring

Posted August 1, 2020

HSRA Now Hiring

HSRA is looking for a Creative Math Specialist to work with our Math Team for the 2020 school year and beyond. We are opening our position to a nation-wide search and are open to Remote-Work arraignments from applicants that live in other regions.


We are looking for a highly competent and dynamic personality that can excite our students about math through creative engagement with engaging  hand-ons education in the classroom or virtual workspace for distance learning. If you are interested in bringing students positive math experiences, authentic mentorship, creative and real-world learning, and pushing the cutting edge of math pedagogy with your work - we want you!

At HSRA our teachers must incorporate cultural relevance, social justice, relevant material to the students, a creative use of technology, and a keen understanding of trauma sensitive classroom management.

This teacher should also incorporate an understanding of varied approaches to teaching math and collaborate with other subjects for team teaching when possible. This teacher will run their Math classes using our model of blended learning, competency based learning pathways interacting with a math digital framework, and the curation of social justice based projects / experiential learning opportunities.

We are open to applicants who fit this description who may have varied credentials or licensures, may live in another region (and be willing to work remotely with potential site visits throughout the year), and with various degrees of availability (10-20 hours a week, 20-30 hours a week, 40 hours a week). If interested please apply and we’ll consider each applicant’s situation and the fit into our team on a case by case basis.



Applicants to join our HSRA Content Team should have an education philosophy that programs for a creative, fun, and student centered learning space that challenges, engages, and empowers all students. They should be self-starters, excited for collaboration, and able to work within an interdisciplinary context. They should be able to build blended learning lessons using Schoology and be able to balance exciting and personalized distance learning strategies with experiential, expeditionary, and project-based learning in their classes when it is safe and appropriate to do so.


- MN Teaching License in Mathematics is Preferred but we are open to unique circumstances of applicants.

- We are open to applicants from a variety of locations to discuss and unique remote learning positions.

- Candidates of Color are encouraged to apply.

- Prior successful experience in urban, multicultural education desirable.

- Experience working with adolescents, youth agencies, social services, and school systems.

- Persistence. Belief that all youth have the ability to learn.

- Ability and willingness to work with families in a non-blaming approach.

- Advocacy skill, including good communication skills and the ability to negotiate, compromise, and confront conflict.

- Organizational skill, flexibility and ability to work in a variety of settings. Ability to work independently.


Institution Description

The High School for Recording Arts is an alternative, public charter school focused on the re-engagement of students that have been pushed and kicked out of the traditional school system. Since our inception in 1998, we have been providing young people a chance to realize their full potential, despite any prior historical and institutionally-driven setbacks. As we engage students through music and the exploration and operation of the music business, we demonstrate that core learning areas and real world, 21st century skills can be acquired at the same time. More than just earning a high school diploma, HSRA prepares students for a positive, post-secondary education and life.


HSRA was founded by David TC Ellis, one of the first rap artists in Minnesota, when he recognized a need in the community for an alternative approach to schooling and learning. When young people kept showing up to his recording studio instead of going to school, TC opted to transform his studio into a space which became one of the first authorized re engagement focused charter schools in the nation. HSRA is a Black-created and led institution that values diversity. It serves a student body composed predominantly of Black, Brown and Indigenous students. Today, HSRA serves 325 students annually and has been recognized as standard-bearers in the re-engagement sector.


Application Instructions/Comments

Please contact our Hiring Team to apply: Joey Cienian (, Renee Swanson (, Haben Ghebregergish (, and Saintanne Tipton (


High School for Recording Arts is an Equal Opportunity Employer.