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Update June 1st

Posted April 8, 2020

June 1st Update

Dear HSRA Family,


It’s been an extremely emotional and challenging week for our community. We are writing to send love and to let everyone know to please reach out if you need help, to talk, or if you need any resources to help get through this week. 


Due to this, we realize this school week may need to be different for some of our staff and student body. Our staff will focus this week on outreach to students to check in, give social-emotional support, and provide information and resources to those who need it. We will be resuming food deliveries today and technology this week as needed, so please reach out with any needs. 


Some of our students are working hard to finish the work they need to graduate in the next two weeks, and others are focusing on school to close out the quarter strong. We will continue to academically support all students in this way, and our academic office hours, check-ins, and support will still be available.


As this quarter has been impacted in so many ways, we will be instituting a flexible grading policy. For any student that completed enough work in a course or project to earn any grade above an F, we will be issuing full credit and a passing grade for that work. Grades will be entered the week of June 15th for this quarter. We want to emphasize though that student work can be turned in all summer long for grades / credit as well.


We will keep programming going for all students interested this summer, and will begin summer school on the week of June 22nd. All students are encouraged to join us, and can expect a digital link to sign up for summer school this week. Our programming will continue to be primarily distance learning, although we will be releasing information on some hybrid opportunities that small groups of students can sign up for at HSRA this summer in our studio, for group labs and projects, and to get appointments at the school for resources and help.


Finally, we offer our deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd. His life and memory will drive us to continue our part in fight for the rights of our students, families and community. 


Please reach out and check in this week, and we send our love.


Family, Respect, Community, Education


HSRA / Studio 4


Click here to view our current distance learning plan



Update May 1, 2020

Dear HSRA Families,

Due to the recent announcement from Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education, HSRA will continue Distance Learning through the end of the 2019-2020 School year. This means that students and school staff will not return to the building for the rest of the academic year.

As part of this Executive Order, school districts must use Friday, May 1, and Monday, May 4, to plan for the continuation of Distance Learning for the rest of the school year. This means that students will not have classes on May 1 or May 4.

Distance Learning will continue with our weekly Guided Study Packets, Schoology Workshops, Office Hours and Projects with Content Staff, and Advisory Check-Ins. 

We will continue to drop off food with weekly bags for families who request it. 

We will also still be graduating students with a curb-side celebration and care package for each graduate, but we will postpone the date for a community graduation event until it is safe to do so.

Please reach out to your student’s advisor or call HSRA if you need any help connecting with these opportunities. (651-287-0890)

We will continue distance learning programming into the summer term and will be announcing in the next few weeks the plan for students to enroll in summer school.


Check out our updated Distance Learning Plan: click here



Update April 9, 2020
Distance Learning Plan:
HSRA Students - Distance Learning has begun!
Please contact your Advisor to get things set up or call Joey, Dan, or Tony and we'll help connect you. (Joey - 608-444-8285) or (Dan - 651-216-8883) or (Tony - 612-803-9540)
Students will be doing Workshops through Schoology, Weekly Guided Study work, Daily Touchback, and continue to work on projects. If a student needs technology assistance please reach out and we'll connect them as soon as possible with a device.
7 Day Lunch bags are available for drop off or pickup for all students. Contact Ray or the school to request a drop off: (Ray - 612-248-4447) or (HSRA - 651-287-0890)
Checkout our HSRA Facebook Page and Instagram for daily updates here:
Check out our Distance Learning Plan: click here
Wishing our best to all of our students and families during this time! 



Posted March 27, 2020

Update Friday 3/27 to HSRA Students and Families:

In light of the recent situation with COVID-19(Coronovirus) nationally and locally, like many organizations, we are staying abreast of the latest information and guidance as we remain agile and responsive to the needs and interests of our learners, our overall HSRA family, and our community.

In response to Governor Walz announcement that schools will continue to be closedat least until May 4th and that there is a Stay at Home​ ​order in effect statewide beginning Friday, March 27th at midnight until Friday April 10th at midnight: HSRA will be closed except to Essential Staff Only (Business, Administrative, Facilities and HAS staff). Additionally, weekday daily bag lunches will NOTbe provided from the school lobby during the week of Monday, March 30th until Friday, April 3rd. Alternative community food resources will be shared with our community during this time period (and are listed at the bottom of this announcement). We will reevaluate providing daily weekday bag lunches on an ongoing basis. All events and activities are cancelled.

  • ●  Staff will be allowed into the building to take home any items by 5:00 PM today. After then, the building will only be open to essential staff for the duration of the Governor’s Stay at Home order.

  • ●  For those who are still allowed in the building, please abide by these social distance protocols:

    • ○  Use gloves and masks that are provided at the front door.

    • ○  If you are showing any symptoms please do not enter, or if you have potentially been

      exposed to anyone with the virus.

  • ●  If anyone nonessential has an urgent need to enter the building during the Stay at Home order,

    you must receive special permission from Tony Simmons.

    In this emerging situation we want to make sure you are connected with housing and mental health resources as well.If you are experiencing emergent housing needs, please contact Melinda @ 651-263-1944. You can also download the YSN MN app to your phone or go to their website : Shelter availability is listed in real time and there are many other resources you can seek there as well, such as outreach workers. If you are in distress and are seeking further support, please feel free to contact our social work team. Tabitha’s number (651-287-0895). Michael’s number (651-343-1435).

In accordance with MDH’s most recent guidelines, it is advised to continue illness prevention measures, including regular handwashing, covering your cough, and avoiding touching your face as much as possible. Further guidance is also available by calling the MDH Hotline at 651-201-3920.

We are all in a unique and unprecedented time. As always, your students’ health and wellness is our primary concern. As we continue to monitor this evolving situation, we will update you on decisions that are being made. Please check our Facebook Page/ Instagram Pageas we will update these in real time with the latest information.

Our Care4Teams (teachers, advisors, and student support staff) will be reaching out to connect with all students to answer questions, determine needs, and discuss distance learning plans. As family is one of our key values, we appreciate all input and feedback from our community. Any parent, guardian, or caregiver of our students that has an opinion question or concern as to these steps we’re taking as well as potential future developments should not hesitate to reach out our Executive Director Tony Simmons (612-803-9540), Director of Education Programming Joey Cienian (608-444-8285), Director of Student Engagement Dan Frey (651-216-8883) or our main number 651-287-0890 and will be checking the messages daily. Please click here for our resources while we are closed. 

Thank you!