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The Next Move Album Release

Posted June 1, 2014

The students at High School for Recording Arts and Another Level Records, in collaboration with the “Hip Hop, History, and the Arts” class and Rock The Cause, released the digital version of HSRA’s latest album, titled “The Next Move”. The compilation features an array of original songs, production, singing, rapping, and poetry. The album, which dropped in January, took the entire spring semester of the 2012-13 school year to complete.

The project features 11 tracks and the first single is the track “Where I’m Going”. Over 15 students contributed to the album. The music video for the “Where I’m Going” debuted on HSRA’s Facebook page. One student, Karon (also known as “Skinny”), learned a lot while working on the album.

“It was pretty cool because this was my first time working with a large group of amazing artists, and it came out great,” said Skinny. “HSRA has helped me explore all types of genres of music so I can get a better understanding of music and songwriting.”

The biggest challenge was getting all of the pieces together in a coordinated manner. However, with a little bit of patience, the album was completed before the end of the school year.

“We really wanted to connect emotionally with the world by telling their stories, as well as having a variety of instrumentals that were highly musical,” said Chadwick Phillips, the project’s coordinator. “The album has many genres.”

        Scott Herold, the founder/CEO of Rock The Cause, explained that when you bring a group of young individuals together with the talent that HSRA’s students possess, everyone can learn a lot.

“I enjoy working with HSRA to help educate students on the career aspects of the music industry,” said Herold. “It is not all about being famous. There are many careers in the music industry: music licensing, film, music and TV production, marketing, artist development etc. Helping students discover these career paths is meaningful work.”

Many of the tracks have been featured on HSRA’s Studio 4 All Access Top 4 Countdown and the album is available for purchase on iTunes.