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HSRA to apply for second Shivlik Family Foundation technology grant

Posted December 31, 2015

School makes $30,000 request to the Shivlik Family Foundation

HSRA will apply for a second $30,000 Shivlik Family Foundation grant, Thursday, December 15.  The school received a previous $24,500 Shivlik Family Foundation grant in 2014 to launch its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) Project Lab.  This grant request is to build on the success of the Project Lab, and to support the new HSRA Maker’s Space, by purchasing 5-10 more Apple computers, a 3D printer, a Van de Graff Generator, an oscilloscope, and Tesla Coil.  In addition, HSRA will propose to purchase a state-of-the-art Electronic Component Toolbox, with resistors, capacitors, transistors, and silicon controlled rectifiers. 



When asked why the school was making this particular request to the Shivlik Family Foundation, Joey Cienien, HSRA Education Director, said, The jobs of the future are not going to be in traditional factories, service skills, or the industrial standards of the 20th century.  There are problems that don’t even exist yet, and our youth will need to solve them.  To solve these unknown problems of the future and to be successful in the new workplace environment, our students need to be dreamers, big thinkers, have inventive minds, and familiar with the tools and knowledge of Science, Technology, Physics, and Engineering.  To do this we need to expose our students to the technological fundamentals and building blocks of the future that can excite a new generation in our own school - not just on TV or in a distant lab.  Students learn best by using their hands to manipulate and play.  For example, our students could be using arduino microprocessors to learn basic coding and build simple circuits, working with 3D Printers to realize conceptual designs and assemble complex models of the future, and manipulating and studying scientific machines like the Wimshurst, Tesla Coil, Oscilloscope, and Van de Graaff Generator to help students visualize electricity and other physics fundamentals in a way that will make them excited and get their creative juices flowing.  This will stimulate creative thinking in real time that can lead our students as problem solvers in any direction.  We have already two innovative professionals to help staff this process and just need the equipment to take it to the next level.” 



Mitchell Johnson, the HSRA STEAM Lead Teacher, spent over a decade as a professional engineering field working in the field municipal engineering managing water resources and designing urban infrastructure. He brings to HSRA a keen wit, creative mind, and a variety of interesting learning opportunities in which our students can take their scientific curiosity to the next level.



Princeton Brown, the HSRA STEAM assistant, is a professional musician, sound engineer, and recent Physics Graduate from Augsburg College.  He brings to HSRA a fusion of the love music, recording, and engineering with the principles of physics.  This union of interests has led to creative and engaging projects that explore the science of sound, the construction of music studios and sound shaping equipment.  This grant will allow Princeton the foundation to take HSRA’s curriculum to the next level.