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HSRA students and executive director take San Diego by storm

Posted December 31, 2015

HSRA Students "hit the ball out of the park," bringing audience to their feet at San Diego Conference

On Tuesday, March 22, HSRA executive director Tony Simmons; HSRA founder David “T.C.” Ellis; two HSRA students, Carlisha W. and Lewis M.; and HSRA staff member Dario Otero, traveled to attend the Deeper Learning 2016 Conference in San Diego, California. 


Simmons and the HSRA students delivered the keynote addresses to approximately 900 educators from around the world who attended the Conference.  The title of Simmons’ keynote address was, “Help me, I haven’t done anything wrong.” My Personal Journey towards Deeper Learning.


The Deeper Learning 2016 was the fourth annual gathering of powerful educators focused on creating more opportunities for students to learn deeply. 


HSRA students, Carlisha W. and Lewis M., provided the conference's second day keynote address and performances.  Both students drew audiences to their feet, evoking powerful emotions and standing ovations from the group of prestigious educators from around the world.


The Deeper Learning Conference was also held to create new ideas, synergies and tools to implement and scale deeper learning with a particular lens towards educational equity.


Deeper Learning 2016 was sponsored in part by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. 


In addition to being selected as the Deeper Learning 2016 keynote speaker, Simmons was also selected to be an Equity Fellows Mentor.  Each Equity Fellows mentors were chosen to design and conduct a Capstone Action Project (CAP) that addresses a major challenge related to equitable access to deeper learning.  Equity Fellows mentors are national experts who will guide the Fellows as they design and implement their projects.  Mentors were matched with fellows depending on the specifics of their capstone projects.


When asked what this opportunity meant to Simmons and HSRA, Simmons replied, “To be asked to be the keynote speaker at such an amazing conference was truly one of the great honors of my life.  Just preparing for the speech took me through a life-changing experience.  The opportunity has truly caused me to go deeper in my own thinking about how purpose and passion impact how education is experienced and delivered.  To have HSRA showcased at the conference was a tremendous opportunity to display the great things that are happening in our school each and every day.” He also added, "The real joy was to see the audience's reaction to our students' presentation.  Watching our students move the audience like that with their stories and ideas was really one of the highlights of my professional career.  I will never, ever forget seeing our students recognized as educational thought-leaders from around the nation." 


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