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Lube-Tech Provides HSRA Grant to Launch New Website!

Posted March 1, 2010

Lube-Tech is a local, family-owned lubrication and chemical company that has been growing for decades.

Lube-Tech is a local, family-owned lubrication and chemical company that has been growing for decades.  Several years ago, owners Chris and Marna Bame decided to make a meaningful commitment to a local organization serving people in need.  Working through Social Venture Partners, they reached out for proposals.  Lube-Tech employee Tonny Heidemann remembered that High School for Recording Arts had been a much-needed and very successful last chance for her friend’s teenage sons.  She informed HSRA of the opportunity to partner with Lube-Tech, and our grant proposal was chosen!  Lube-Tech first helped us to create and staff a graphic-design lab, and then financed a new initiative in improving how HSRA interfaces with the public and its many stakeholders.  Lube-Tech financed HSRA’s work with the modern storytellers at Haberman in improving our communication, positioning and in developing a media plan, and with Bolin Marketing in creating a new logo, branding, and in developing this new website!  Lube-Tech COO Eric Jackson and Marketing Director Stacey Hey have served as valuable business consultants, and Tonny and many other Lube-Tech staff have helped us in varied ways, from staging massive turkey-fries at our graduation celebrations, to attending concerts and other HSRA events, to mentoring students, and to providing much needed supplies, gift cards, winter coats, hats and mittens, and gifts for students with children.  Randy Jensen, longtime Lube-Tech employee and an outstanding event planner, is the president of Friends of HSRA.  He has coordinated HSRA golf benefits, has spearheaded clothing and food drives, and has hosted other fundraising events for HSRA.  Lube-Tech has shown HSRA staff and students that our local community cares, supports us, and stands firmly by our side.  We are forever grateful to them and are touched that they have continued to share their prosperity with those who are less fortunate.