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State Farm

Posted September 1, 2011

In 2008, State Farm took a chance on a small charter school to create a media and grassroots campaign to pass a primary seat belt law in Minnesota. HSRA students were asked to research the medical consequences and statistics behind car crashes and teens, produce a CD on seat belt usage, and create a public service campaign using their commercial radio show, The Fo-Show. Within two years, the campaign was a success and a primary seat belt bill became law with considerable credit given to the students of HSRA.

The Success of Click4LIfe has led to a number of other partnerships with State Farm including Ready4TheRoad, a State Farm Youth Advisory Board sponsored local and currently national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, Get Your Green, an environmental campaign to learn more about alternative fuel sources and the new "green job" movement,, a national campaign to raise awareness of the fact that every 26 seconds a young person drops out of school and lastly, a State Farm sponsorship of our school's participation in Junior Achievement and their Company Program competition. The results of our participation with JA this year led to our school being awarded the "Company of the Year" North American championship!