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HSRA students make songs to curb distracted driving

HSRA students make songs to curb distracted driving

Kare 11's story on HSRA students taking on distracted driving.  See More

HSRA students soar to new heights

HSRA students soar to new heights

For 15 year-old HSRA student, Rondale, the notion of flying an airplane wasn’t even on his radar screen.  After all, Rondale was like so many other HSRA students who had never even been a passenger on a plane.  To most HSRA students, the inkling of maneuvering the controls of a plane would just be plain unimaginable.  However, now, the thought of flying a plane has morphed from being a far-fetched idea to an actual, bona fide reality. That’s because in 2016, HSRA officially launched its new aviation program, designed to introduce the basic concepts of flying to students along with actually flying a plane at the end of the course.  See More

View some of our current endeavors

"Where We're Going" Documentary

This film documented HSRA students' trip to Canada to embark on a multi day trip from Montreal to Quebec City and experience different cultures and their own limitations. "Keepin' It Wheel" is a student driven project from the students at High School for Recording Arts.

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Sample HSRA Music Work

Molly Jo's hit 26 Seconds Song "Wishing On Stars"

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Get Your Green

Get Your Green is a class which integrates principles of science, technology, engineering and math in order to educate students about the issues surrounding the environment, electricity, and the alternative and renewable energy sources that produce electricity.

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HSRA Alumnus

HSRA alumnus Nick Phillips returns to HSRA!  See More

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